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download drivers As the world's ninth largest manufacturer of integrated electronic equipment and electronics, Toshiba is an industry giant. Over 160,000 employees around the globe manufacture a diverse product line ranging from flash memory and microprocessors to notebook computers, power generation equipment, and medical equipment.

The Toshiba Corporation has over 360 consolidated subsidiaries around the world serving several different market segments including consumers, businesses, retailers, other manufacturers, academic facilities, hospitals and medical facilities, and municipalities. Annual consolidated sales have surpassed the $53 billion dollar mark.

This huge company traces its roots all the way back to the nineteenth century. The company started out in 1875 as Tanaka Seizo-sho (Tanaka Engineering Works) when it was founded in Japan by Hisashige Tanaka in Japan. This factory manufactured telegraph equipment. Tanaka Seizo-sho evolved into a leading heavy electrical apparatus manufacturer and changed its name to Shibaura Seisaku-sho.

Meanwhile another Japanese company, Hakunetsu-sha & Co., Ltd., was founded in 1890 as the first plant in Japan to manufacture electric incandescent lamps. This company diversified into consumer products and was renamed Tokyo Denki (Tokyo Electric Company).

By 1939, these two industrial leaders merged and became an integrated electric equipment manufacturer called Tokyo Shibaura Senki and was often referred to as "Toshiba." In 1978, the company officially adopted Toshiba as its official name.

Throughout its first century, Toshiba manufactured products such as waterwheel power generators, electric fans, x-ray tubes, radio transmission tubes, cathode-ray tubes, double-coil electric bulbs, radio receivers, vacuum cleaners, electric washers and refrigerators, radars, rice cookers, nuclear power turbine generators, and microwave ovens.

Toshiba's second century of business has involved broadcast satellites, the world's first laptop, transistors, RAM, flat televisions, MRIs, HDD and DVD video recorders, flash memory, and the acquisition of Westinghouse's nuclear power business.

Today, Toshiba continues to manufacture a diverse product mix. In the United States, several Toshiba subsidiaries manufacture products such as notebook computers, telecommunications systems, imaging systems, hard disk drives, HD DVD players, HDTVs, DVRs, home theatre systems, semiconductors, televisions, CT scanners, MRIs, ultrasound equipment, x-ray equipment, nuclear medicine, copiers, printers, fax machines, and industrial equipment.

As a computer manufacturer, Toshiba focuses on the laptop market. Toshiba laptops have come a long way since Toshiba introduced the world's first laptop personal computer in 1985. Toshiba has several distinctive laptop families covering business needs, mobility, innovation, and multimedia. For example, the Satellite line offers popular features for most mobile computing needs at a "value" price point. The Qosmio line is geared for delivering High Definition entertainment. Meanwhile the Tecra and Satellite Pro lines are designed to meet the performance and connectivity needs of the business world.

Toshiba also manufactures tablet PCs which are similar to laptops physically except the screen twists and flips. In addition, users can write, draw, and interact with the interface directly on the screen itself. Tablet PCs are versatile tools often selected by students who must take notes in class as well as business professionals. Pricewise, they tend to be more expensive than traditional laptops.

Toshiba laptops and tablet PCs are have evolved since the first Toshiba notebook hit the market. With multiple families serving different markets, most any computer user should be able to find a Toshiba portable computer that matches their needs.

Toshiba has been a global leader in electronics for over a century and continues to innovate in the marketplace.

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