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download drivers When computers first became mainstream, PC audio was barely a blip on the radar. It was good enough to have an occasional beep to alert the user when something needed his attention. It didn't take long before sound effects and .wav files became popular. Once the CD-ROM drive arrived on the scene, the need for sound became more urgent. The original sound cards, such as the SoundBlaster from Creative launched a multimedia audio revolution.

As gaming and DVD movies moved to the PC, the need for superior multimedia audio arose. New codecs, multimedia audio controllers, sound cards, and onboard sound cards became more prevalent. Integrated devices have also become more popular.

Multimedia audio controllers generally show up under Device Manager under the Sound, Video, and Game Controllers section. A multimedia controller can be related to a sound card or an integrated card. These controllers often require updates as new features are released or problems repaired.

Updating multimedia audio controllers involves identifying the device and its manufacturer and then finding the appropriate drivers or updates on their tech support Web site. Once the appropriate updates have been found, they must be downloaded and installed through the Device Manager or the self-executing file if available.

Another way to make sure that your multimedia audio controllers are current is to go directly to your computer manufacturer's Web site. Many manufacturers such as Dell, Toshiba, Gateway, and HP make updates available based on each computer model. This means that all you need to do is find your specific model in the list and select it. Once selected, any new drivers for any of your computer's specific devices, including multimedia audio drivers, will be displayed. If new drivers are available, simply download and install them.

Multimedia audio has changed since the early days of the PC and will continue to evolve with technology. Keeping your multimedia audio controller current is one way to stay as current as possible with your existing hardware.

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